Taking Public Transportation
From East Seoul Bus Terminal, take buses leaving for Andong or Youngyang that pass by near the area where the Yongkung-myeon Office is located. Twenty buses run daily and the journey is 3 hours 40 minutes long. The bus fare is W12,000. The last bus from Yongkung for Seoul leaves at 7:30 p.m.
From Yongkung bus stop (tel: 0584-653-6265), a local bus runs 9 times a day at 8:30, 9:50, 11:30, 12:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:50, 18:30, 19:30 to the entrance of Jang-ahn Temple. The bus fare is W530, and takes 15 minutes. From the temple¡¯s entrance, one has to walk about 20 minutes to reach Hoeryongpo.
Taking a taxi, instead of the bus, from the Yongkung-myeon Office area to Jang-ahn Temple or Hoeryongpo costs W5,000. Yongkung Taxi Service (or Kyongcheon Taxi)'s telephone number is 0584-653-6297.

Driving a Car
If you are driving, pass the Central ExpressWay at Eumsong Inter-Change and pass by Choongju, Suanbo, and then Moonkyong. At Moonkyong, enter Road No. 34, and head towards Yaechon, until right past Sanyang-myeon of Moonkyong city, you will find yourself at Yongkung-myeon, Yaechon. Don't take the detour of Yongkung-myeon but make a right turn at a three-way junction and head straight to the village.


There are no places to stay over night at Hoeryongpo since the villagers do not tend to take overnight guests. Therefore, one has to use the YongkungJang Yeokwan (tel: 0584-653-1282), a motel at Yongkung-myeon.
The food, such as squid bulgogi, and vegetable in bean-paste soup that are offered by restaurants at Yongkung-myeon are decent enough. At Kyongbuk Restaurant, one can try out the Yaechon Chamwoo Beef that was reared being fed sesame-seed jelly. Hot spicy soup with catfish or mandarin fish caught by the village riverbank can be tasted at the market's spicy soup house.


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