Mountain Photographer  Ha Sung-Mok

A father of two children, Se-rin and Ji-hoon, and a husband of one woman, Park Myoung-sook, Ha Sung-Mok was born in 1952 at Chang-nyung of Kyongnam Province.
He studied Applied Art at Seorabol Arts College and majored in Western Painting at Kyongnam University.
He climbs Mt. Chiri every Saturday, Sunday, holiday, and public holidays.

The photographs were taken mainly by Linhof 4x5.
Ha's wish in life is to live in Mt. Chiri after he retires, in a house by a pine tree, with a small pond and stone lantern to light at night.

Currently, he is working in the Designing Room of Kyongnam Bank, and is a member of the Masan Art Association.

Contact information is as follows:

Design Room, Kyongnam Bank
246-1 Sukjeon dong, Hwaewon gu, Masan City, Kyongnam Province, Korea

Tel: (0551) 290-8520
      Cellular: 011-848-3538



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