New Publication/ Who would have imagined such places exist in Korea?

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Travelling of a different kind with your parents, kids, and sweathearts Sixty-five extraordinary panoramas of hidden mysterious beauty recommended by a veteran leisure reporter

Although small, there are numerous places in Korea having distinct characteristics that distinguish themselves from those of anywhere else. There are so many secret places with particular geological features, habitats of rare species, surprising views changed by the touch of man, and unfamiliar images that shocks one's eyes and ears.
I wanted to show how big a country Korea is in reality, by sharing my knowledge of places I have come cross during my 16 years spent as a Chosun Ilbo Mountain Monthly reporter. More than anything, I truly wish to share with as many people as possible my deepest feelings that Korea is a beautiful country, worth living in and taking care of. By Ahn Joong-kuk

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