Chosun Ilbo's Mountain Monthly's chief reporter, Ahn Joong-kuk
Who would have imagined such places exist in Korea?

Born in a village by the seaside of Joomunjin, in Kangwon Province, Ahn Joong-kuk attended Chunchon Middle and High School, and started to enjoy mountain climbing and travelling after joining the Mountain Leisure circle at Yonsei University. After graduating from university, Ahn remained in confinement at his own home for two years trying to write a novel. Then in 1983 Ahn joined the Chosun Ilbo Publication's Mountain Monthly, and has started a life full of surprises. Ahn won the Saegae Ilbo Literary Award in 1985 with his short story, Wandering Mountain, however due to his passion in looking for great mountain views, he still hasn't managed to publish any novel.

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