Theories were first made to build the Pukhansan-song Fortress as a national defence measure to protect the capital from invasions,especially after the Choson Dynasty suffered attacks from the Japanese between 1592-1598, and from the Ching Dynasty in 1636.

The groundbreaking took place in April 3, 1711 (during the rule of King Sukjong) and it was completed in October the same year. The total length of the fortress wall extends 10km and connects the rough geographical features of Mt. Pukhan.

By the late 19th Century, the mountain fortresses were hardly used and most parts of the wall perished or were destroyed during the Japanese Colonial Period or during the Korean War. The walls were in part restored in the 70's.

According to the "Samguk Sagi" (or the "Historical Record of the ThreeKingdoms"), there is a record that Paekche Kingdom's 4th King, King Kaeru, built a fortress on Mt. Pukhan in the 5th year of his rule (in 132).

The view of the Pukhansan-song Fortress's Daenammun and the fortress wall today seen from the top of Bohyun-bong peak, Mt. Pukhan.

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