Korean Endemic Wild Flowers Photographer Kim Jung-myung

Photographer Kim Jung-myung will wait for several days and nights, going without sleep, to capture in his camera the moment a flower bud blooms.

This is because Kim believes flowers reveal their naked beauty only to those who can wait. Kim argues that one cannot catch the pure image of a flower without having a calm and clean mind.

Kim started publishing photo-album calendars since 1994 dealing with Korean wild flowers and endemic plants, and he recently released his sixth edition, Korea's Wild Flowers, for the year 2000.

In this calendar, Kim gathered the photos of 56 different types of beautiful Korean flowers and plants, including 31 Korean endemic plants.

The theme of this year's calendar is Korean endemic and native plants. While doing research to take the photos, Kim confessed, however, that he was dismayed to see that there was not a single chart that properly categorized Korean endemic and native plants.

For this photo-album calendar, Kim spent countless days and nights outdoors.

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