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Four column full-page advertisements(4F) are carried only on the front page of the comprehensive news section. The same advertising rates are applied regardless of whether they are black and white or colored ads.

Five column full-page advertisements(5F) are placed in the front page of each section. Five column full-page advertisements are the most basic size of newspaper ads.


Nine column transformed advertisements(9T, 21centimeters W * 9 columns H) are the most frequently used among transformed-type advertisements. Advertisements at this size boast a high attention rate. Nine column transformed advertisements can be placed from the third page of the comprehensive news section.

The Chosun Ilbo introduced the so-called vertical advertisement for the first time in Korea. Vertical ads can be carried on the second and third page. Many leading domestic and foreign advertisers are interested in vertical advertisements on the second page due to a high attention rate.

Fifteen column full-page advertisements(15F) cover the whole area of a page. Ads at this size can be placed in the comprehensive news section or the economic section.

Spread(bridge) advertisements are carried across two pages. By taking advantage of ample space, these ads impressively give plenty of information to readers.