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The Satellite News Network

In order to utilize Korea's Mugungwha satellite for 24 hour news broadcasts and for the successful undertaking of a variety of high-tech satellite businesses, Digital Chosun was the the first of the Korean media services to establish its own satellite division.

On the roof of its Chung Dong annex(Seoul), the Chosun Ilbo has installed a 6.2m diameter satellite antenna. This antenna has become the symbol of the Chosun Ilbo Media Group's desire to lead in this field of endeavour.


The installation of an extra-large 500-inch screen Cityvision TV will transform not only dreary city steets but also the very concept of news itself.

As of now, in 22 different urban locations throughout the country, Digital Chosun broadcast news via the Mugungwha satellite and Cityvision. This constitutes a new network that will bring Chosun Ilbo real time reporting to a vast number of the public.


At 2,000 bank branches throughout the country, large screen TVs is installed and viewers are provided with the latest in lifestyle information via the Mugungwha satellite. Beginning in May 1996 Bankvision will transform an ordinary bank into a high-tech information service oganization.

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