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The Sports Chosun

The Sports Chosun was founded on March 21, 1990 in order to provide readers with information on sports and leisure activities. In the brief time since its founding the paper has grown to become an all around infomationsource with articles on sports, entertainment, and leisure.

The paper features dynamic color layouts and attention-drawing headlines. Through the depth and breath of its articles the paper has earned the respect of its readers. In particular, the paper has placed a great deal of emphasis on planning for a variety of publications based on articles first run as serials in the paper. These publications and the quality of writers selected to produce them is just one other aspect that separates the Sports Chosun from its competitors.

The Choogan Chosun (The Weekly Chosun)

Founded on October 20, 1968, the Choogan Chosun, as the oldest, most authoritative weekly news magazine in Korea, has built up a large base of loyal readers. The magazine offers in-depth coverage of each week's major events and newsmakers in politics, economy, culture and the arts.

Through insightful analysis in an easy-to understand format and style, the Choogan Chosun provides its readers with all the essential information. The Choogan Chosun not only covers current events but also features, on a continuing basis, articles keeping track of the tast-shifting trends in our global information age.

Considered required reading among opinion leaders who help to shape the public's view in Korea, the magazine's influence extends to various govemmental and private bodies, such as the National Assembly and major Korean corporations, that often refer to information found in the Choogan Chosun in policy-making meetings.

Whith diverse, innovative editorial programming, the magazine will continue offering its readers information to prepare them for the future. In the process, the Choogan Chosun will continue to set the pace for other Korean weeklies as it advances into the future to join the ranks of the world's best weekly news magazines.

The Wolgan Chosun (The Monthly Chosun)

Since it was first published on April 20,1980, the Wolgan Chosun Monthly has established itself as the most authoritative monthly news magazine in Korea, boasting a large subscriber base.

The magazine provides comprehensive coverage of issues and newsmakers featured in the various aspects of Korean society, including politics, the economy, culture and arts. It also features,on a continuing basis,major articles and essays re-examining significant historical events from the past.

With superb reporting,editorial programming and information access,the Wolgan Chosun has earned a reputation for getting exclusive stories and has become required reading for opinion leaders who help shape the views of the Korean public.

The magazine's influence extends to various governmental and private bodies,such as the National Assembly and major Korean Industries. As to the future the Wolgan Chosun plans to advance shoulder to shoulder with the best news magazines in the world, while continuing to remain in close touch with its readers and the spirit of the times.

The Sonyon Chosun (The Children's Chosun Ilbo)

First published on 10 January 1970, the Sonyon Chosun ilbo boasts the largest circulation of any children's newspaper in Korea and is the country's most respected newspaper of its kind. This top-rated paper carries news, a variety of features, useful study materials, interesting cartoons, and sports coverage, guiding the country's young people throung today's sea of information.

On 5 May 1996, Korea's 74th celebration of children's Day, the Sonyon Chosun ilbo published the country's first electronic newspaper on the Internet, leading children of the information age into the world and the future.


Established on August 20, 1993, FEEL is a general magazine aimed at a new generation of young women. With a lively perspective on new feminine sensibility and style, FEEL has achieved wide popularity among young women readers and has built up a large base of subscribers.

The magazine offers the latest in women's fashion, culture and the arts from arround the world, along with in-depth coverage of issues and personalities of interest to Korean women, in pages that are bright with color grapics and photos. Alert to the changing needs and interests of a new generation, FEEL delivers up-to-date information that is both practical and entertaining, covering health, interior decoration, lifestyles, food and cooking, child care, home economics, entertainment and leisure.

The Wolgan San (The Mountain Monthly)

The Wolgan San began publishing on May 6, 1989, as a specialized magazine dedicated to climbing and other mountain leisure activities. Since then it has become both a source of practical information about mountaineering and a leading guide to the culture of mountain-related activities.

In addition to providing coverage of domestic mountain climbing, the Wolgan San introdueces its readers to great international sites for mountain lovers, through color pictorials as well as stimulating essays and articles by expert climbers who have ascended some of the world's greatest peaks.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics and issues of interest to climbers and hikers, everything from beginner's basics to advanced techniques. The oldest, most respected Korean magazine of mountain climbing, the Wolgan San is considered a textbook for climbers.

In addition, with its solid reader base of devoted mountain enthusiasts, the Wolgan San has also proved to be an effective medium for businesses advertising mountain climbing equipment and apparel.

The Wolgan Naksi (The Fishing Monthly)

Since initial publication on April 10,1984, the Wolgan Nakshi has been the leading magzine for fishing enthusiasts in Korea. Delivering up-to-date news and information on fishing, and providing practical advice on fishing techinques and equipment, the Wolgan Nakshi has played a guiding role in the development of a fisherman's culture in Korea.

In addition to covering fishing activities in Korea, the magazine introduces its readers to recent trends and events in fishing from around the world, through colorful pictorials as well as articles by expert fishermen. From discoveries of great fishing holes to tips and techniques for beginners as well as experts, the Wolgan Nakshi offers a wealth of material to interest those who love fishing.

It is the most respected magazine among fishing experts ane also an effective medium for fishing-related businesses.

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