The No. 1 Newspaper, The Chosun Ilbo The Newspaper Providing the Most Satisfaction to Readers
The Most-read Newspaper The Newspaper with the Strongest Points on the Economy
The Highest Ad Effect Our Readers' Characteristics by Page
The Most Accurate and Renowned Newspaper The Largest Circulation in Korea

ΆΒ The Chosun Ilbo is the newspaper that people recommend to close business associates and friends.

The Chosun Ilbo is said to be 'the newspaper with the most accurate reports' and '.......with the best columns and editorials' in surveys of 3,000 adults nationwide in 1997 and 1998. 'The newspaper to recommend to close associates' was also the Chosun Ilbo.

AC Nielsen, October 1998 : 3,000 households, nationwide
Gallup Korea, November 1997 : 3,000 households, nationwide

ΆΒ The Most Influential Newspaper in Korea.
When 1,200 residents of Seoul were asked, "Which is generally the most influential newspaper in Korea?" 26.3% of those who answered indicated the Chosun Ilbo. The Chosun Ilbo's rate was nearly three times higher than that of the second placed newspaper.

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