The No. 1 Newspaper, The Chosun Ilbo The Newspaper Providing the Most Satisfaction to Readers
The Most-read Newspaper The Newspaper with the Strongest Points on the Economy
The Highest Ad Effect Our Readers' Characteristics by Page
The Most Accurate and Renowned Newspaper The Largest Circulation in Korea

¢Â Ads shown In The Chosun Ilbo Produce a Greater market Effect.

Advertisements placed in the Chosun Ilbo are most exposed to target audiences and weed out non-performers due to a higher readership level compared to other newspapers. Moreover, the attention rate of readers to the ads is highest in the Chosun Ilbo. These facts make the Chosun Ilbo the 'most-effective in advertising'.

Attention Rate to Advertisements : The rate of readers who usually view almost all advertisements, or who do not miss advertisements regarding their interests.

CPT : Cost Per Thousand is the criteria for measuring the efficiency of ad cost in light of ad exposure to readers. The lower the CPT is, the more efficient the medium is. With more readers and a higher attention rate, the efficiency of the ad cost goes up.

                                           Ad Cost
Ad Cost per Thousand Readers(CPT) =  ----------------- ¡¿ 1,000 number 
                                         of readers 

                                       Cost in Placing Ad
                                  =  ------------------------- ¡¿ 1,000
                                       Adults Population 
                                       ¡¿ Contact Rate with Newspaper 
                                       ¡¿ Attention Rate of Ads
According to an analysis of survey results conducted by AC Nielsen and by the Chosun Ilbo Poll, ads placed in the Chosun Ilbo were exposed to up to two million people on average, while ads in Newspaper A were seen by 1,800,000 and those in Newspaper B by 1,350,000. So, if the same ads are shown for the same fee of W10 million, the cost per thousand people seeing it is W4,984 in the Chosun Ilbo, W5,555 in Newspaper A and W7,379 in Newspaper B. That is, to have the same effect as the ad in the Chosun Ilbo, the cost in Newspaper A should be 12% higher and in Newspaper B, 48% higher.

When an ad for W10 million is placed
                             W10,000,000 ¡¿1,000 people
CPT of the Chosun Ilbo = --------------------------------- = W4,984 
                          31,900,000 people¡¿14.8%¡¿42.5%

                             W10,000,000 ¡¿1,000 people
     CPT of Newpaper A = ---------------------------------- = W5,555   
                          31,900,000 people¡¿13.5%¡¿41.8%

                             W10,000,000 ¡¿1,000 people
     CPT of Newpaper B = ---------------------------------- = W7,397 
                          31,900,000 people¡¿11.8%¡¿36.0%
  All Chosun Ilbo Newpaper A Newpaper B
Estimated population
(over 18 years of age)
31,949,701 2,006,510 1,800,117 1,355,112
Readership rate by newspaper 100% 14.8% 13.8% 11.8%
Attention Rate to Advertisements 42.5% 41.8% 36.0%
Ad Cost per Thousand Readers(CPT) (When an ad for W10 million is placed) W4,984 W5,555 W7,379

¢Â Ad Effects Most Satisfactory to Advertisers.
Advertisers in Korea evaluate ads placed in the Chosun Ilbo as more effective than those in other newspapers. More than half of advertisers say the Chosun Ilbo is the most effective media compared to a unit of the same ad cost in another publication. Major foreign companies also choose Chosun Ilbo as their sole representative media in Korea when campaigning domestically and internationally.

Hyundai Research Institute, September 1997 : 700 Advertisers

The reason why advertisers prefer to place ads in the Chosun Ilbo rather than other newspapers is because of its higher ad effect. Advertisers show a unity of opinion that they find the highest ad effect in the Chosun Ilbo when placing the same ads in many newspapers at different times.

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