The No. 1 Newspaper, The Chosun Ilbo The Newspaper Providing the Most Satisfaction to Readers
The Most-read Newspaper The Newspaper with the Strongest Points on the Economy
The Highest Ad Effect Our Readers' Characteristics by Page
The Most Accurate and Renowned Newspaper The Largest Circulation in Korea

ΆΒ Rated the No. 1 Newspaper in Readership Rate.

The Chosun Ilbo is No. 1 in readership, as well as in subscription rates, according to the recent surveys of 3,000 households nationwide conducted by AC Nielsen and of 1,000 households nationwide by Gallup Korea.

Readership Rate : Generally, readership rate is measured by the answers to the question of 'What newspaper did you read yesterday?' It is the rate of real readership of all subscribers be they at home, on buses, or in the subways and differs from the 'subscription rate' which measures subscription.

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