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The Most-read Newspaper The Newspaper with the Strongest Points on the Economy
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ΆΒ The Chosun Ilbo is the Newspaper with the Highest Subscription Rate in Korea.

According to a nationwide poll of 3,000 households on newspaper subscription, conducted in October 1998 by AC Nielsen, the largest marketing surveyor in the world, 'the most-subscribed to newspaper' was the Chosun Ilbo. Almost one household in 5 subscribes to the Chosun Ilbo. In another nationwide poll of 1,000 households conducted in December 1998 by Gallup Korea, the Chosun Ilbo proved to be the newspaper with the highest subscription rate.

According to 4 surveys conducted in Korea's 6 largest cities in November 1997 and July, September and October 1998, the Chosun Ilbo's subscription rate has increased consecutively. The Chosun Ilbo continues to stay ahead of its closest rival by a margin of 4%΅­5%.

Subscription to the Chosun Ilbo among the higher income brackets (greater than W3 million a month) is considerably higher than the second placed newspaper, and so advertisers chose the newspaper, in preference to others, to target these households with a larger buying-power.

The Chosun Ilbo enjoys an especially high subscription rate among those considered to be opinion leaders, such as professionals, managers and college graduates. Specifically, the subscription rate to the Chosun Ilbo among professionals and managers is almost twice that of the second place newspaper.

ΆΒ The Subscription Rate to the Chosun Ilbo is Higher in Seoul than Other Areas.
The Chosun Ilbo has higher subscription rate in big cities where residents have a greater buying-power than people in other areas. The gap between the subscription rate of the Chosun Ilbo and that of the No. 2 newspaper is especially wider in Seoul, the center of the economy, social affairs and culture. The results of a survey conducted on forty-thousand households in Seoul from January through August, 1998 by the Chosun Ilbo Telemarketing Team showed that one out of five households subscribes to the Chosun Ilbo. Additionally, the result of on-site surveys conducted by the Chosun Ilbo Sales Department from January through October, 1998 of seventeen-thousand apartment households, generally considered as having more buying power than average households, shows that one out of three households subscribes to the Chosun Ilbo.

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