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The Internet is not merely a method of providing information to its users, as it transcends space and time, linking the world The Internet makes it possible for people to meet and serves as a bridge between them.

For these reasons, the internet is not only a marvellous teaching tool, but also a valuable friend for children. Internet is a window into a new world for children.

The Chosun Ilbo provides children with a map to this treasure chest of knowledge.

The children of today will be the major force in the 21st century's information society. The KidNet campaign which is designed to familiarize kids with the Internet, is an educational informatization project launched in celebration of the Chosun Ilbo's 76th anniversary.

This campaingn involves the joint participation of the Digital Chosun Ilbo and the Global Youth Network (GYN). The KidNet campaign is designed to provide a friendly environment so that children have easy access to the Internet. In turn, this should prepare them for their roles in society in the next millennium.

With just a computer keyboard, our children now have access to the cultures and the libraries of the world. Providing access to the internet for them is a practical gift in the present to unlock their dreams for the future.

The KidNet Campaign is a Revolution in Education

The need for a revolution in the quality of our educational system so that children are provided with a broader outlook, and become creative individuals with the full use of their talents, is quite obvious.

On May 4, 1996 the originators of the movement to disseminate the Internet to children, John Gage and Michael Kaufman joined us here in Seoul for 'KidNet Day 96'. The public's response also has been overwhelmingly favorable.

This project has not only given our children the opportunity to improve their English language skills, but has also opened for them a door to the 21st century's information society. The Chosun Ilbo, as always, one step ahead of the pack, is revolutionising the nature of education throughout the country.

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