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Internet Service

Multimedia Service

Internet and Multimedia News

Our high quality Internet news will provide the world's foremost animation/voice news service, hyper-text, extensive reference material search and outstanding interface capabilities.

Not only will news articles from the Chosun Ilbo and Sports Chosun be available on the service, but also English languge edition and all the latest in features.

We have already acquired the largest number of users in the country and will continue to lead the nation in Internet services through the continuous introduction of the latest in high-tech features.

Multimedia Database Service

With the application of the latest in digital technology we have created the country's first multi-media data base. Within 24 hours we can process and make available on our data base a wide range of Chosun Ilbo articles, photographs,visuals and even sound.

The multimedia total information system, currently an in-house service, will be the first in the world to allow reference to a full newspaper page, thus creating a high-tech data base system.

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