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China Demands Handing Over of NK Defectors
The Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded the Korean embassy hand over defectors being given sanctu ...

The so-called "Goodwill Balls" representing each of the 32 national teams participating in the upcoming World Cup are put on display inside the Kyungbok Palace grounds, Tuesday.

D -   to kickoff


  • [Editorial] Skullduggery In Regional Elections 05/28 20:05
  • [Editorial] FIFA Spoiling The Party 05/28 19:41

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    Head Cheer Leader for China Hails from Korea

    May 28, 2002 20:53

    The Chosun Ilbo
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     • Press Under Siege [Article List]

    Task Forces Created to Deal with Foreigners' Crimes
    The Supreme Public Prosecutors Office announced Tuesday it had organized tas ...
    Top Groups' Marketing Activities for WC Heat up
    With the official opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup due Friday, Korean busi ...
    Political Parties Ready for Regional Elections
    Political parties are gearing up for next month's regional elections in what'll ...
    Cheong Wa Dae Denies Combat Troop Request
    A high-ranking Cheong Wa Dae official said, Tuesday, that the US had never r ...
    President Signs F-X Deal
    Following President Kim Dae-jung signing off on the deal with Boeing to pu ...
    FIFA Looks to Block Outdoor Screening of Games
    Cheering on the street while watching soccer on giant video screens erected ...

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