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2001 Seoul Opera Festival - 'Masquerade'

asquerade' is an opera based on the assassination of Gustaf III, which happened in 1792. Antonio Somma re-wrote the original story first written by Eugene Onegin and then split it into three Acts. 'Masquerade' is more famous for its music, rather than its literary content and has been seen as one of the most successful operas written in the 1850's. The story follows Ricardo, the governor of Boston, who falls in love with Amelia, the wife of Renato his secretary and best friend. Intertwined in this triangle is the case of the fortuneteller Yulica, which he takes an interest after a judge sentences her to death as she represents a threat to the establishment, having become popular with the people.

Ricardo disguises himself as a fisherman and goes to her house to find out about her. However, while he is there he accidentally meets Amelia during his search.

'Masquerade' can be regarded as a melodrama beset by political incidents, but can also be regarded as an epic poem featuring many people and their love stories and the tragedies of absolute power.

Period: October 31- November 4; Weekdays and Saturday, 7:30pm; Sunday 4:00pm
Place: Opera house - Seoul Arts Center
Admission: R seats, W70,000: S seats, W50,000; A seats, W30,000; B seats, W20,000won; Opera dinner ticket, W150,000
How to get there: Exit no. 4 or 5 of line no. 3 at Nambu bus terminal station
Tel: 02-580-1300

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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