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Busan Aquarium

usan Aquarium is a Private Capital induced project between Haeundae Gu office and Aquaria Twent-One Co. Ltd., and it has been open since this October at the most famous Haeundae beach.

Busan Aquarium is the biggest in Korea (about 4,000 square meter).

There is a resting place, outdoor park and parking lot at ground floor, simulator, theme restaurants, resting room, souvenir shop at B1, the aquariums are located at B2 and B3. The 3,ppp ton main tank will display some of the largest and most ferocious sharks in captivity. There will be dignified penguins, playful otters and astounding giant fish. There will be also 270 and 90 tunnels and it will be possible to swim with the sharks in the oceanarium with expert dive masters. Highlights of this wonderful exhibition include penguins, otters, the seven meter tall coral and tropical fish display and some of the largest sharks anywhere in the world. A further feature of the Aquarium are two, state of the art, simulator rides providing visitors with an exciting underwater ride. Fully trained education staff will guide the visitors throughout the aquarium providing educational and entertaining talks for all visitors.

The company has invested the sum of 39 billion KRW to complete the project. Oceanis Group is an Australian company which has lots of experience in aquarium operation, it also owns Melbourne Aquarium, Under Water World in Mooloolaba, Australia and Chang Feng Ocean World in Shanghai, China. Busan Aquarium will be the 4th Aquarium of the company.

Busan Aquarium will be the most exciting place to visit in the whole of Korea.


The planned animal population of the Busan Aquarium

  • 1 mammal species (Asian small-clawed otter)
  • 1 bird species (Jackass penguin)
  • 2 reptile species (green sea turtle, pig-nosed turtle)
  • 2 amphibian species (Chinese giant salamander, Korean salamander)
  • 210 fish species
    * 50 freshwater fish species (piraruku, red-tailed catfish, pacu, sturgeon, electric eel, red-bellied piranhas, silver arowana, archerfish, discus, freshwater angelfish, blind cave fish, glass catfish, etc.)

    *160 saltwater fish species (6 species of sharks, 4 species of rays, angelfishes, anglerfishes, batfishes, blennies, butterfly fishes, cardinalfishes, clownfishes, damselfishes, gobies, groupers, jacks, lionfish and stonefish, parrotfishes, pufferfishes, seadragons and seahorses, snappers, tangs, triggerfishes, wrasses, etc.
  • 34 invertebrate species (chambered nautilus, giant Pacific octopus, giant spider crab, assorted soft corals, sea anemones, jellyfishes; assorted sea urchins, sea stars, sea cucumbers; assorted shrimps, giant clams, horseshoe crab, etc.) A total of 35,000 animals belonging to about 250 species would be displayed.

    Key Animals :
  • Grey nurse shark (Carcharias Taurus): 12 sharks (4 males and 8 females) will be displayed; it is the largest gray nurse shark captive colony in Korea
  • Jackass penguin (Spheniscus demersus): 30 penguins are displayed; it is the largest jackass penguin colony in captivity in Korea
  • Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus): it is the largest salamander species in the world; it is the first appearance to the public in Korea


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