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How about a romantic vacation in Udo (near Jeju Island)?

n emerald-colored ocean with small villages along the coastline that might remind one of exotic villages in Italy will catch your attention when you visit Udo. The whole island is designed to attract tourists. Udo is located 10 minutes away from Seongsan Peak in Seongsan-po by boat.

There are three main beaches; Seobinbaeksa, Hagosudong, Gummulae, the total length of which is less that a kilometer where the sea sends unique colors of its own. Seobinbaeksa is one of the only coral beaches in the country with more that 300 small but clean lodgings nearby. You can also find karaoke and a camping site. The sunrise is something that you don’t want to miss in Seobinbaeksa.

On the right side of the port, there is Udo Peak where one can enjoy the soft, green grass spread over the gentle slopes. Below Udo Peak is Gummulae beach, which is another beauty spot found on the island. Although the width of the beach is only about 100 meters, it is a perfect place to enjoy a ‘sand sauna,’ by covering yourself with warm, soft sand. Udo Peak is said to resemble the head of a cow, and one can find two caves underneath it, which remind one of its nostrils. When the tide goes out, the cave turns into an air-conditioned room powered by nature.

Hago-sudong beach is known for the best sunrise spot in all of Jeju Island. The white sand makes a distinctive contrast with the dark stone houses along the beach. The nearby, Biyang-do (island), is also well known for its beautiful sunrise.

There are many other beautiful islands near Jeju to visit for a day or two. Some of them are, Mara-do, Gapa-do, Biyang-do, and Chooja-go and there are plenty of lodging facilities on the island for tourist’s convenience.

Tourist Information

  • The road is only wide enough for a car to barely pass by. It takes only half a day to circle the entire island, which is about 17 km. You can either travel by car or bicycles. Bicycle rentals are available at Udo Port. There is a bus that travels through the island (W3,000)

  • How to get to Udo: There are 12 cruises a day every hour. The round trip fare is W4,000 for adults (W1,400 for a child) and W22,000 for a car. Call Udo Ferry at 064-782-5671 for more information.

  • Lodging Facilities: There are many houses that provide lodging services in the peak season. Popular places to stay are Myungshin Motel (064-783-0019), and Baekak-kwan Lodgings (064-783-0232). One night stay will cost about W20,000 during off season and W30,000-W50,000 during the peak season.

  • Restaurant: Recommended food is Sunggye soup (W6,000) and Seafood soup (W6,000). Udo Sushi (783-0508) is one the biggest restaurants in the area that provides a variety of delicacies.

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