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Incheon International Airport
Incheon International Airport, HUB airport with the most advanced services

he Incheon International Airport opened its doors on March 29th. The airport wasn't built on land, but by connecting islands and took 10 years for its completion. Foreign technicians visit Incheon airport to see the biggest single building and Yeongjong bridge which is a 2 stories suspension bridge of 4.4km. The third tallest controlling tower in the world is also an attraction. The Incheon International Airport is a large-scale airport, which has the ability to manage 27 million passengers and 1,700,000 tons of cargo. The systems and equipments follow all international standards.

Things to see at the new airport

Well matched to the digital era, the airport is operated 24hours a day. Since the airport itself is a tourist area, the airport is busy with dating people at night, tourists sleeping in the terminal.

The government office building, which is one of the greatest in Asia, is beautiful. Many people visit the new airport on the weekends. The high building is glass outside so that natural light can get in the building and give an elegant image. Unlike Kimpo airport, the boarding passage is glass on both sides and when walking through the departure hall the large glass window on both sides give a clean atmosphere. There is an escalator on the hall for easy movement.

Inside of the government office building, it is as large as 60 soccer fields. The millennium hall is surely attractive. It has glass all around that lets the sunshine come though brightly. There is a garden with trees 20m high and colorful flowers. The artificial pond in the center of the hall is also attractive and already many coins have been thrown as wishes for luck has piled up.

Near the Millennium hall there are 3 wonderful escalators and the marble floor of the building is so shiny that the lights and signs are beautifully reflected. The building's 4th floor C hotel lounge, popular among dating couples, has an open view where you can see the airplanes taking-off and landing on the runway. Accept for the convenience store that is opened 24 hours, the fast-food stores and the hospital are open from 10am to 11pm. When the night airlines are decided to be in service they will be open all night as well. At the night parking lot there are many taxis.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Incheon airport from Seoul is to take a seat bus or the limousine bus. There are 278 buses for 23 lines. The first bus is at 4:30am and the last bus at 11:10. You should be aware that you can't get on if all seats are taken. The bus fee for the seat bus is 5000~5500won and 10000won for the limousine bus. The seat bus goes through Jamshil, Dongdaemun, Cheongnyangni, Guro, City Hall, Mapo and the limousine bus in front of hotels, Gangnam terminal, and downtown terminal.

When the roads are not so busy it will take about 50 min from city hall or Seoul station, one and a half hours from Kangnam, and almost two hours from Cheongnyangni by the limousine bus to the airport. But it differs depending on the traffic and weather. In addition, you should arrive 2~3 hours before at the beginning of the opening because the systems are not quite in order yet.

When you do not have much luggage, it is also a good idea to take the subway to Kimpo airport and then transfer to the bus. There are 27 bus lines from Kimpo to the Incheon airport so you don't have to waste time waiting. The bus fee of a seat bus from Kimpo to Incheon airport is 4000won and the fee for a limousine bus is 6000won. At the Incheon airport the seat bus and limousine bus stops both at the east(domestic navigator) and west(foreign navigator).

If you take a taxi from Seoul city hall to the airport only the service price is 35000won and 58000won for a deluxe taxi but if you add the highway fee which is 6100won and add the extra fee for the accumulating time it will cost you over 40000won for a regular taxi. If you drive from Eunpyeong, Seongbuk you should take the Bukno intersection which is connected to the Gangbyeon expressway, from Gangnam or Yeouido take the Olympic highway, from Gangseo area take the Kimpo IC, and from Ilsan or Bupyeong take the Nohji JCT of the Seoul outer circular highway. The highway fee is 6100won and the parking fee is 1200won/30min, and 600won added every 15min. Are there any inconvenient points?

Because it hasn't been very long since its opening, public transportation such as subways are not quite ready yet and also it may take you a long time to come from Seoul. But every airport has its faults at the beginning of the opening so Incheon International Airport can only improve with time.

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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