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Subway Tour
A Subway Away - Subway line no. 2

Ehwa Woman's University Station: Ehwa Shopping Area
You will find it at Ehwa Woman's University Station (Subway Line 2). Get out at Exit no.2. The University is a three-minute walk away from the station. Around the school, you will find various multi-clothing stores offering jeans, T-shirts, hats, accessories and many more. This area is very popular amongst jeans' fanatics for its unique jeans selection.

Uljiro 1-ga Station: Myeong-dong Streets
Take Exit no.6 at Uljiro 1-ga Subway Station. Of all the fashion areas in Korea, Myeong-dong has to be the best by far. Newly open stores in the area such as saunas, skin care salons and foot massage parlors have made it very popular amongst women. There are also three major Department Stores in the Myeong-dong area: Lotte, Shinsegae and the Midopa store. Myeong-dong houses thousands of clothing stores and restaurants as well as the unique Korean souvenir shops.

Dongdaemun Stadium Station: Dongdaemun Shopping Town
Get out at Exit no.14 of Dongdaemun Stadium Subway Station. You will encounter the most popular and busiest shopping area in Seoul. The major malls are there: Migliore, Doosan Tower (better known as DOOTA), Freya Town and the Nuzzon department store. These gigantic malls often hold various events for customers. It is said that shop owners in the area are usually aged between 20 and 30.

Jamshil Station: Lotte World
Lotte World is an amusement park, which includes the Magic Island, a Folk Museum, a Fitness Center, duty-free shops, a hotel complex, restaurants and a cinema, everything in one single building. It is quite convenient to get there by public transports. Get off at Jamshil station, Subway Line no.2. The tube station is directly connected to Lotte World.

Jamshil Sports Complex Station: Jamshil Baseball Stadium
Take Subway Line 2 or 8 and get off at Jamshil station, Exit No 6. You will find the biggest baseball stadium in Korea. There are games almost every day, sponsored by K.B.O. (Korean Baseball Organization).

Samseong Station: Coex Mall
You will find the Coex Mall straight away when exiting the subway station. The Coex Mall is 14 times larger than the Seoul Olympic Stadium. It houses gigantic shopping malls, food courts, a cinema complex, an aquarium, a nightclub, bookstores, and many more!

Nakseongdae Station: Nakseongdae Park
Off Subway Line 2, Exit 4. Nakseongdae Park is a 15-minute walk away from the station. A bit of history: A famous General, Gang Gamchan was born here during the Goryeo Dynasty (935~1392). He dedicated his life to protecting Korea. Nakseongdae means: place where a star has fallen. The legend of Nakseongdae was born out of a dream that the General's mother had. It is said that she dreamt a star would fall from the sky at the exact location where the current park is.

Shillim Station: Shillim-dong Sundae (Korean Sausages) Town
Take Exit no.3 off Shillim Station. There are so many Sundae restaurants in this area that it is very hard to select one. What does Sundae mean? In Korea, a Sundae is a type of sausage, made of fresh pig intestines, cooked with fresh vegetables, noodles and spices, all stuffed inside the intestines. Rich in vitamin B, iron and protein. A must-try as it is absolutely delicious.

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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