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Korean Folk Village,
A place where tradition comes to life

he Korean Folk Village is the place where tradition comes to life and is one of the places tourists visit the most with around 1800,000 domestic and international visitors each year.

It is an outdoor folk museum where Koreas cultural history is collected and preserved and is a well-known place where visitors learn and experience the traditional Korean way of life. The Korean Folk Village reproduces the way of life during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Visitors can see the lifestyle in that period, through 270 farmhouses from all provinces, a nobleman's house, a village school, a mill, rice paddies and dry fields. In addition there is a museum where Korean cultural materials are exhibited, a park people can enjoy as well as a market where people can eat traditional food, and buy some souvenirs and industrial art objects.

In the museum visitors will see about 30,000 household effects collected from each province, and can also see the food, houses, costumes, with people who live and work in traditional ways.

In the market, artisans make baskets, chinaware, tools, and fans, and traditional music is played as traders sell traditional food such as soybean paste stew, boiled rice with assorted mixtures and cold noodles called 'Naengmyeon. Additionally, regional products and souvenirs of each province are sold.

Besides, traditional festivals, visitors can see a traditional marriage ceremony marriage, and various cultural customs that ancient Koreans held on festival days. In the cultural edifice, visitors can read about marriage, funerals, beliefs, and other details of the occupations that four generations experienced in the later Joseon Dynasty.

While you are the Korean Folk Village you can have fun at the family park that opened in 1997. Visitors can experience Korean traditional culture and ride various rides in this place. Many people enjoy the "Volcano," a reproduction of an exploding volcano. At night the atmosphere changes into a more festive ambiance. Visit the Korean Folk Village and enjoy learning about Korea of the past.

  • Time : 9:00am-6:30pm
  • Admission : Adult, W8,500; Teenager, W5,500; Children, W4,000
    Folk Museum·Doggaebi house, sold at its ticket office, not at the main gate. (Adult, W2,500; Teenager, W2,000; Children, W1,500)
  • How to get there : Jamshil - Bundang - KFV (City & Non-stop buses: number 100-2, 1116)
    Shangdawon - Sungnam - Pundang - KFV (City bus: number 10-1)
    Nambu bus terminal - Shingal - KFV (Non-stop express bus)
    Suwon station - KFV (City bus: numbers 37, 59)
    Suwon station - KFV (shuttle; free pass)
  • Telephone : 031-286-2111, 031-286-2116

    (Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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