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Gamja-tang; Potato & Pork-Bone Stew

he recipe for making Gamja-tang is as follows boil pork ribs in water for about two hours and then add potatoes, doenjang, garlic, red pepper and green onion. Once all those ingredients are added, bring the casserole back to a boil. The meat and potatoes absorb the flavor of the numerous spices, making Gamja-tang a particularly tasty dish.

Gamja-tang originates from the Shilla Kingdom (57BC-935AD) when people would boil pork bones to treat the sick and the elderly. This soup is rich in proteins, calcium and Vitamin B1 (from the pork bones). It is said to help children's growth and a dish low in calories. Gamja-tang is believed to prevent aging and also snoring in older people. Koreans say that Gamja-tang can also cure all of the following ailments; pimples, freckles, liver spots and other skin troubles. According to oriental medicine, thanks to its combination of ingredients this dish can protect you from liver complaints and anemia.

If you like perilla seeds (An annual Asian plant (Perilla frutescens), which is widely cultivated as an ornament and for its oily seeds) you can add some before eating, thus giving a more delicate flavor to the dish and taking away the greasy taste of the pork.

   Hot Tips
Restaurants where people can try Gamja-tang

Shigol Gamja-tang
Shigol Gamja-tang was the second store opened in the famous Gamja-tang street in Eungam-dong, north west of Seoul. The owner has remained the same for 11 years and its cuisine therefore has not changed a bit. Shigol Gamja-tang counts many regulars amongst its customers. This restaurant has its very own way of making Gamja-tang, by boiling the bones twice, thus making the meat even tender.
  • Costs: (small portion) W14,000, (medium portion) W17,000, (large portion) W20,000.
  • How to get there: get off subway line six at Saejeol station’s exit number two, behind Daerim Market.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours a day (no holidays)
  • Tel: 302-8484

  • (Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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