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Garlic Restaurant Debuts in Seoul

eople tend to avoid eating garlic when they go on a date as they don't want to be self-conscious about bad breath all day long. Its strong smell has made garlic unpopular, despite its wide usage in most Korean food. However, garlic is being spotlighted these days, having become a main dish in itself. Today, one can find garlic juice, garlic honey or even garlic jam at department stores.

People's rising interest in health and garlic abundant Italian food is one of the reasons why garlic has become so popular these days. "Mad For Garlic" is a restaurant specializing in garlic-based food that will open soon in Apgujungdong, Seoul. It will serve some 40 different garlic dishes including garlic steak, pizza, salad and pasta. The Chef of this restaurant Kang Hee-yeong says that garlic restaurants are very popular in the US and Japan these days.

Here is a recipe for garlic jam and garlic soup by Chef Kang Hee-yeong. For garlic jam, first, dip 200g of garlic into boiling water for a few seconds three times, which will remove the hot spicy taste from the garlic. Mix the garlic in two cups of milk with honey, salt and pepper, and grind the mix in a chopper. Add honey, salt and pepper to attain the desired taste and store in a refrigerator.

Garlic soup also requires three dips into hot water in order to remove the hot taste. Then fry 300 grams of thus prepared garlic in a pan on medium heat with a bit of olive oil and sliced onion or spring onion until the mixture gets dampish. Add five cups of water, two potatoes and two laurel leaves and boil it. Add one cup of whipping cream and wait till the potatoes are cooked. Remove the laurel leaves and grind the mixture in the blender. Add salt and pepper as desired.

(Chung Jae-yeon, whauden@chosun.com)

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