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The Three Main Jeonju Dishes

any visitors are expected to crowd into Jeonju as the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) will be held from April 27 to May 3 and the Pungnam Festival from April 30 to May 6. What they should not miss are the three major dishes of the city namely, bibimbab, bean sprout soup with rice (kongnamul gukbab)and the traditional Korean full course meal (hanjeongsik).

The Nammun market near Pungnammun is well-known for restaurants specialized in bean sprout soup. About ten restaurants by the Nammun market, such as the Sambaekjib (063-284-2227) and Wangi (063-287-6979) and the dish costs a mere W3,000.

Seogmidang (063-287-8800) famous for bibimbab is run by 77 year-old woman Lee Pan-rye, who has been in charge of the kitchen for the last four decades. One bowl of rice served with a variety of colorful vegetables costs W7,000.

A party of at least four should gather to try the full course hanjeongsik because one serving is offered in the basic size of a table for four. Abundant side dishes are offered with the course that range from W40,000, W80,000, W100,000, to W120,000. The Baekbeonjib (063-286-0100), Jeolla Hoegwan (063-288-3033) and Suracheong (246-1600) are recommended.

Scenario writer Song Gil-han, the vice chairman of the JIFF committee, recommends Eunhaengjib (063-287-1394) to taste main Korean lunch menus at W4,000, and the Veteran Bunsik (063-285-9898) for snack meals such as Kalguksu, hot (not spicy) noodles, and the Damun (063-288-8607) to enjoy tea at an old Korean house.

(Jeong Jae-yeon, whauden@chosun.com)

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