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Smoked Meat and Barbecue with Draft Beer in Mapo, Seoul

he "Bonanza" on restaurant ally in front of Hongik University at Seogyo-dong in Mapo-gu, Seoul offers one of the best pork menus with plentiful, homemade sausages and various types of side dishes to go with a pint of cold draft beer.

A roasted young baby pig costs W280,000 and is served on the table as a whole, but its sweet meat is much better than that of a fully grown pig. The meat is enough for a party of six to fully enjoy their dinner. The Bonanza serves this dish from time to time, but one has to make a reservation for it two days in advance.

In the evening, the restaurant is fully of people, from university students to elderly couples who come to enjoy the place's draft beer. One does not need to spend a huge sum as for the full pig, as a pork barbecue, which is also delicious, costs a reasonable W20,000 and is served with chilly and mustard sauce. The owner, a former tradesman, of the place combined these features from his experiences travelling around Europe on business.

Homemade sausages range from W12,000 for plain ones to W15,000 for those offered with boiled cabbage and a spicy sauce. Sea bream meuniere (W20,000) with cream sauce is also a specialty of Bonanza. However, do not picture of an up market French restaurant just because Bonanza serves meuniere. It is more like a stop-by place to enjoy cold beer with good meat.

Ice lettuce is served with the pork menu and cabbage with chicken. Bonanza's coleslaw is made with sliced cabbage, onion, peppers, carrots and maize sprinkled with pinches of sugar, salt and vinegar.

Simple dishes like pork or fish cutlets and sausage meal sets are offered during lunch hours. If you remember an old western movie "Bonanza," the word means "great success," "luck" or "a rich mine." The restaurant Bonanza seems to mix the feelings of the vast wild plains of the West in America with the freshly cooked scent of barbecue meat.

  • Business Hours: 10am till 12am
  • Holidays: First and Third Sundays
  • Number of Seats: 50
  • Parking: Nearby Parking Lot Available
  • Accept all credit cards
  • Telephone: (02) 322- 8755

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