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PIFF 2001 : A Cinema Odyssey

9-17 November, 2001 The most dynamic film festival in the world
Busan International Film Festival (PIFF) is renowned for being the most energetic film festival in the world. At 5th PIFF, a total of 207 films from 55 nations were invited and over 3000 guests, including Wim Wenders and Mohsen Makhmalbaf, shined their presence. The festivity was full of romance and passion of cinema shared by over 200 thousand global audiences.

The Most Productive Film Festival in Asia
PIFF has consistently contributed to the vitalizing of Asian film industry through the creation of the pre-market Busan Promotion Plan (PPP), in addition to Industry Screening that is becoming a pathway to the global market for Asian films including the ones from Korea. This year's edition of PIFF will once again strengthen such productive aspects of the festival and establish itself as a central base for Asian film industry.

Fresh Programs, Full of Diversity
The 6th Busan International Film Festival will be held from November 9th through 17th, 2001. The special focus of this year's festival will be on the latest works by "Korean New Wave" directors gathering international acclaims in recent years. In addition to the seven official sections, diversified special programs will take place including "New Challenges of Thai Films," examining the recent Thai films receiving global spotlights. We cordially invite you to join us on the exciting journey of "Cinema Odyssey" at the 6th Busan International Film Festival.

Opening & Closing
* Opening : The Last Witness
Korea, BAE Chang-Ho

* Closing : Suriyothai
Thailand, MC Chatrichalerm Yukol


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