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Seoul Olympic Museum

orea successfully hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the recently built and highly developed Seoul Olympic Museum, now has on display many of the Seoul Olympics events and information in celebration of the games 13th anniversary. Each of the three floors has its own style and theme; starting at the basement is the Sports Experience and its Ancestral Home, on the first floor is the Glory Room, the second houses the Harmony, Hope and Prosperity Rooms, while on the third floor there is a library, which has a wide variety of information in the form of both images and data. The museum is expected to become Korea’s first Specialty Sports Museum and even those who are not interested in sports can enjoy and experience moments throughout history.

>>> Highlights:
Symbolic Sculpture: "Asia Dragon Flies Again" - 7.3m high in brass, created by Kin Gun Ho
Pavilion of Planning: "Simpojieom International Outfield Sculpture Seoul Olympic" - World sculptures displayed about 30 pieces of their work during the Seoul Olympics
Peace Room: 100 years of Olympic History - information related to the Olympics
Harmony Room: Graphic images of how the games developed and souvenirs of the 1988 Seoul Olympics
Prosperity Room: "Hodori" - the mascot of the Seoul Olympics is on display with souvenirs from around the world.
Hope Room: Information about how sports developed
Glory Room: "Seoul Olympics Ride Fantasy" - Images of Seoul Olympic in a 70mm film theater
Sports Experience Place: Experience and try different kinds of sports including weight lifting, volleyball, soccer, skiing, snow-boarding, electronic car rallying, and shooting. Also, test your strength through using the physical strength-measuring instrument.
Literature and Theater: Connected with Physical Education Institution

Admission : Adults, W5,000; Teenagers (under 18), W4,000; Children (under 12), W3,000
Opening hours : Everyday 10:00am to 5:30pm (reduced in winter)
Reservation and Information: 02-410-1293/7

How to get there: Take subway line no. 2 and get off at either Jamsil Station or Sungnae Station, or Olympic Station on line no. 5. The museum is in the Olympic Park.

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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