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Yeouido Saet River
The First Ecological Park in Korea.

he Yeouido Saet River Ecological Park contains a variety of plants, birds and fish, and visitors can study the ecosystem gathered within the park as if they were in an outdoor biology classroom. The Saet River originates from the Han River and runs around Yeouido and the Ecological Park is the first of its kind in Korea. It was initially a swamp, but work started in 1997 to make it the fantastic habitat it is today and now the park embraces a wealth of natural resources, including many ponds, areas full of orchids and wild plants with wooden paths to take you through areas inhabited by the most beautiful varieties of insects, birds, flowers and fish.

The ecological park houses around 106 vegetation species and some 150 birds are estimated to nest there. Amphibians such as leopard frogs inhabit the ponds and you will also find fish species including minnows, carp and catfish. Six different types of dragonflies have been recorded, five different types of grasshoppers and seven species of butterflies.

The visitor center located just beside the road is made out of logs and there, you can obtain guide maps, which feature all the trails within the park. The visitor center also houses displays showing visitors samples of the ecosystem they will find within the park. Guides and equipment for ecological study can be supplied by the center for any groups visiting the park.

  Main Facilities
Stream and ecological pond
Underground streams help form a fundamental environment.
Willow trees and prairie
A forest of willows is home to herons and the prairie of many wild flowers houses a variety of insects including butterflies.
Swamps and waterways
Those are the ideal sites for creatures to multiply as species inhabiting the watery areas very much depend on the water levels.
Observation Deck and Bridge
These are the paths crossing the ecological park where visitors can observe and study the nature from there.
Swamps and waterways
These are the paths crossing the ecological park where visitors can observe and study the nature from there.

-How to get there: Get out at exit number one of subway line number five's Yeoido station and follow the signs for a seven minute-walk towards Gwangjang Apartments

Opening hours: 9:00am-6:00pm
Admission: Free
For more information call 3780-0717

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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