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Chojun Textile & Quilt Art Museum
Korean Textile Art Exhibition

he Chojun Textile & Quilt Art Museum, located at the bottom of Mount Nam, is the only museum in Korea displaying textile artwork. Its aim is to show how traditional Jogakbo (Korean quilt) were made and to spread Korean textile art and know-how across the world. Permanent exhibitions are held and also contests take place on occasions, enticing visitors to get to know about Korean quilt making.

The museum displays handkerchiefs, 152 pieces of traditional embroidery, traditional textile pieces over 100 years old, quilts (Jogakbo), 32 traditional accessories, 89 Korean traditional costumes, 260 Chinese traditional dresses, 52 Chinese accessories, 95 Western quilts and patchwork, 25 western perpendicular quilt pieces and 310 traditional foreign dolls.

The art of making Jogakbo and traditional Korean tablecloths is now a dying art, as there are not enough artists with the appropriate ability.

A “covering cloth” is a natural cloth used to wrap goods and during ceremonies, and is the most widely known cloth in Korea. Traditionally, the cloth would be embroidered with trees, flowers, fish, skulls, phoenix and butterflies, and the thread used would be naturally dyed, with gardenia or mugwort water.

The colors of the patterns are in contrast to the cloth’s natural color, so they can be seen easily, and are typical of Korean textile art. Flower patterns are used the most and the geometric pattern of the Jogakbo is as good as modern abstracts.

  • Admission: adults, W3,000; middle and high-school students, W2,000; children, W1,000
  • Opening hours: 10:00am-5pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays)
  • How to get there: Get off the subway at Myeong-dong station’s exit number four in front of Mount Nam. There is a cable car behind the Pacific Hotel.
  • Tel: 753-4075
  • Homepage: http://www.jculture.co.kr/museum/

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