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Gyubang Exhibition

anbok designer Kang Ja-young, her daughter and merchandiser Kim Ji-young, and Gyubang Cultural Center's senior researcher Kim Mun-jin will hold an exhibition and workshop at Gallery Blue in Insa-dong, Seoul from May 23 through May 29. The special occasion will demonstrate the talented handicraft of the hanbok designer and her daughter in maintaining the traditional sewing methods of women in the Joseon era (1392-1910). The exhibition was planned to raise funds to build a shelter for abandoned elderly women. There are no admission fees, however. The exhibition organizers hope to raise enough money through sales of Korean handicraft products displayed at the gallery.

Therefore, exhibition goers and anyone interested in admiring the details of meticulously sewn and geometrically designed Korean embroidery can hit two birds with one stone or, in Korean, "Il seok i jo" (one stone, two birds). Visiting Gallery Blue on the last week of May will offer a chance to meet the "professionals" of Korean handicrafts of the Joseon era, learn the theories behind the art's tradition, shop for the best collection of Korean wrapping cloths, or “bojagi,” and also to help lonely old women in need.

Gallery Blue is located on the right-side end of an alley opposite Gallery Artside Net, near the end of Insa-dong road from the Anguk Station side.

For more information, visit Gallery Blue's website at: http://www.cyberinsadong.com.

Click on the left-side menu, Gallery Blue, then on the linked image icon above Exhibition on Gyu-bang within the column for May, 2001. Once within the site, click on View to see three samples of the displayed work. A detailed itinerary of the week long exhibition is available under the link Program.

To see more works of the mother and daughter, check a Photo Gallery archive of Digital Chosun at: http://english.chosun.com/english/photo/gallery/g200103.html

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