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The Korean War Memorial Museum

he Korean War Memorial Museum is the place where people can get background knowledge about the Korean War. Korea has been attacked many times by neighboring countries during its history, but the most well known war is the Korean War, which began in 1950. Situated in Yongsan, Seoul, there are 3,600 exhibited items at the museum both inside and outside. Inside there are five main exhibition rooms; one for remembering the dead; one about historical conflicts; a room dedicated to the Korean War; one about sending troops overseas; and one about the development of the Korean military.

In the entryway is the hall for remembering the dead who died defending Korea including busts of historical leaders. In the hall showing historic wars, explanations of the conflicts that took place in Korea from the prehistoric age to the Japanese occupation period are given. Military equipment such as arms, bows, armour and helmets are exhibited. Also in this hall one can see dioramas showing historical battles.

The largest exhibition is on the Korean War. Here people can learn about the participation of the United Nations, the Chinese intervention and the cease-fire. Visitors in the exhibition room will discover the background of soldiers fighting in the front as well as people's life in the rear areas. People, who have never had the experience of war, can experience it briefly for about 5 minutes; smelling gunpowder, and hearing shots in a special exhibit. In the exhibition hall of Korean troops overseas, visitors will get background knowledge about the participation of Korean soldiers in the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the activities of Korean soldiers as U.N. peace keeping forces.

Military equipments, arms, and military regimes of land, naval and air forces and marine-corps are described from the founding of the army to the present. In the outdoors exhibition military equipment which was used during the Korean War is displayed including a B-52 and other military bombers.

The "Statue of Brotherhood," model represents a true story where the elder brother of a South Korean officer encountered his brother, a North Korean soldier, on the field of battle during Korean War. The statue symbolizes the dream of reconciliation between North and South Korea.

  • Opening hours : 9:30am-8:00pm (Closed on Mondays)
  • Admission : Adult, W3,000; Child, W2,000
  • How to get there: Take subway line number six 6 to Yongsan. 2 minutes' walk from exit 11 and 12.
  • Telephone : 709-3139/3032

    (Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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