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Dongdaemun, the fashion leader in Seoul

f you want to find unique clothing design, then you should go to Dongdaemun. With Namdaemun market, Dongdaemun market is one of the most popular shopping districts in Seoul. Due to the opening of new shopping centers, such as Migliore, Doosan Tower, Freya Town and Nuzzon, Dongdaemun is growing as a major shopping area next to the Namdaemun market. However, women's wear in Dongdaemun is more popular than that of Namdaemun. Shopping centers in Dongdaemun hold colorful daily events to attract young customers. Also, a number of new brands in Dongdaemun shops are actually created by young designers.

Beside clothing, there are cheap sports related products, bargain bookstores, and stainless plate markets, which make Dongdaenmun the leading market place in Korea. Recently, the modernized market has been divided into two different sectors; the wholesale market includes Team 204, Designer Club, Nuzzon, APM, and Uno Core; in the retail sector, there are the newly opened Migliore, Freya Town, and Doosan Tower stores. Also, a new marketing strategy aiming for teenagers has attracted tens of thousands of people even late at night. Through the internet, Dongdaemun has been advertised throughout Asia, and has attracted lots of foreign buyers.

Doosan Tower, the leader of Asian fashion

The leader of Asian fashion, Doosan Tower is the most popular shopping center in Korea, as it has created a new group of shoppers known locally as "Dootajok". Doosan Tower is famous for its distinctive design, low prices, thousands of products, and as such it leads the shopping culture in Asia. The building is composed of 7 underground floors and 15 upper floors, which makes it a gigantic shopping center. It opens at 10:30am and closes at 5:00am next morning, so you will have plenty of time to spend in Doosan Tower. Also, you can buy luxurious brands, such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, and Shiseido at lower prices than regular shopping centers.

As the biggest parking lot in Dongdaemun, Doosan Tower's parking facility (from the seventh underground floor to the third floor) can hold up to 1,220 cars at the same time. There are imported brands on the second underground floor; women's wear on the first underground floor and the first ground floor; children's wear on the second floor; men's wear on the third; miscellaneous fashion products on the fourth; accessories on the fifth; shoes on the sixth; articles for marriage on the seventh; restaurants on the eighth; a grand ball room on the ninth; convenience stores on the tenth; and banks from twelfth to fifteenth floor. Due to their interesting designs and individuality, the women's wear and casual wear floor are rather popular in this shopping center. Also, there are events staged in front of Doosan Tower such as hip hop and rock concerts.

Tel: 3398-3000
How to get there: Dongdaemun station line number 1,4 or Dongdaemun Sports Complex station line number 4
Opening Hours: 10:30am-05:00am (next morning). However, it closes at 11:00pm on Sunday and opens at 8:00pm on Monday.

Migliore, the fashion revolutionary in Dongdaemun

Migliore is a revolutionary shopping complex, which consists of more than 2,300 shops expanding from the seventh underground floor to the twentieth upper floor. You can get tens of thousands of products at discounted prices, and there is a number of cultural programs and events to see. It opens 18 hours a day, from 10:30am to 5:00am the next day. You can always try on the clothes you like, and there is a repair center, where you can have clothes mended immediately.

Tel: 3393-1156
How to get there: About 300 meters away from exit number 14 at Dongdaemun Sports Complex station line number 4.
Opening Hours: 10:30am-05:00am (next morning), closed on Monday

Designer Club, the legend of Dongdaemun

The legend of Designer Club has continued as it introduces the latest designs and styles, which have attracted many retailers and customers. The outbuilding is specialized in women's casual wear, and there are 800 shops dealing with men's and women's wear, and miscellaneous products from the first underground floor to the fifth floor of the main building.

Tel: 2237-2503
How to get there: Dongdaemun Sports Complex line number 2,4,5. Next to Dongdaemun Sports Complex
Opening Hours: 8:30pm-9:00am (closed on Sunday)

Nampyeonghwa Market, the hub of bag wholesales

When you pass restaurants in Shinpyeonghwa Market and Hongin Market on the 7th Cheongyecheon street, there is a place, which is specialized in bag wholesales inside Nampyeonghwa, Deokun and Jeil Pyeonghwa markets. Women's hand bags are popular at Nampyeonghwa and Deokun, whereas backpacks and suitcases are sold at Jeil Pyeonghwa. These products are 30%-40% cheaper than other retailers, and there are lots of different designs and materials you can choose from.

How to get there: Go toward Doosan Tower after you get off at Dongdaemun station line number 1,4. There is Hongin Market across from Doosan Tower, and Nampyeonghwa Market, Deokun Market, and Jeil Pyeonghwa Market are behind Hongin Market.
Opening Hours: 3:30am-4:00pm, closed on Sunday

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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