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Hwanghakdong market has everything

he market where one can find almost everything.
If your want to see a real living world and experience the atmosphere generated by local residents, there is no better way than going to the market. It is especially fun even if you are just window shopping to visit the exotic market in Hwanghakdong one of Korea's most famous.

There are all sorts of goods available in the market ranging from cheap accessories costing W1,000 to antiques at W1 million, and even some marvelous used goods that could be confused with a national treasures. In addition Hwanghakdong features a thriving second hand electronics flea market.

All sorts of seemingly worthless goods can be found in the flea markets such as a used door to a Korean traditional house at W280,000 and scissors used by a merchant selling taffy at W10,000. On one side, a merchant holds a snake for sale by its neck, while on the other an old, dumb man baffles people with exquisite magic tricks.

Some 500 stores are clustered around the market and it seems that people from the entire country can be found haggling over used household articles or even merchandise sold in department stores. One can find writing material for children, antiques, old paintings and books, compasses, old cameras, balls, perfume, cosmetics, coffee, spoons, chopsticks, stamps, old bills, travel articles, hairdressing appliances, statues of Buddha, clothes, stockings and all manner of accessories. There is everything from used merchandise to brand-new articles in this market on sale at unbeatable prices.

All kinds of people come to buy goods for interior decoration from cafe managers and students to serious collectors and tourists, with goods from overseas being very popular items.

Stores sell all kinds of brand new electronic goods buy at prices 30% to 40 % less than regular prices alongside the antiques. Choosing a good bargain can create a family heirloom that will demonstrate the mood of ancients Korean people.

The price of goods in the market is determined on the day and in the case of antiques, prices on foreign markets are taken into consideration.

Hwanghakdong street boasts shops where one can find goods such as imported African folk handicraft, a variety of imported small painting at around W20,000-W40,000. One can find second hand goods such as leather garments, blue jeans, that are not inferior to overseas flea markets for between W10,000-W13,000.

In addition, in the middle lane of Hwanghakdong market, there are places where merchants sell pig's intestine cooked with spices and the daring can experience the taste of this unusual food.

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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