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The Center Of Seoul
Chongno, Kwanghwamun

hongno and Kwanghwamun are called the heart of Seoul because the head offices of important industries, main hotels, government and public offices, and embassies are located there. Chongno is the downtown area where theaters and language institutes are crowded and is also a great party area for young people. On Insa-dong Street there are many traditional teahouses with unique names and galleries so it is not only popular among Seoul's residents, but also tourists. The Kyobo book center is one of most popular places in this area, having more than 2million books in total (340,000 English books, 75,000 Japanese books). You can buy or read any book here comfortably.

From children's books to text books and magazines are divided into sections and there are computer index systems where you can look for the book you want. You can also use the stationary store and snack bar that are located in the bookstore as well. Opening hours are from 10:00am to 9:00pm.

Nearby are Topgol Park and Chongmyo Park, small areas of a natural environment within the city where you can take a refreshing walk.

 Chongno Tower Sky Lounge

"Top Cloud"
At the center of Chongno, where lots of young people gather, there stands a strange looking building; Chongno Tower. There is a luxurious restaurant on the 23rd floor of this building, which makes it 30 meters above the ground. This "Top Cloud" restaurant serves delicious dishes prepared by chefs from the five-star Shilla Hotel, and provides a friendly service and elegant interior. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Namsan and Bukhansan, you can taste its famous fusion cuisine.

Opening Hours : Cafe 11:30-24:00, Restaurant 12:00-14:20 (lunch), 18:00-22:00 (dinner)
How to get there : It is connected to Chonggak subway station line number 1.
Tel : 2230-3000-6 ("Top Cloud") - Tel : 737-6444 (Line 1)

Topgol Park

Topgol Park is a historical place where the declaration of the campaign for independence was announced after the invasion of Japan in 1919. Near the octagonal pavilion, where the beacon for independence was lit, there is the Wongaksaji 10 layer stone tower which is the National Treasure No. 2, and the Wongaksabi which is the National Treasure No. 3.

Also there is the Independence Movement of March, 1919 memorial tower and Independence Movement wall painting.

Chongmyo Park

Chongmyo Park is the place where the king performed sacrifices to ancestors and you can see the Chongmyo Truce and Yeongnyongjoen. Chongmyo Park was recognized for its value as a human cultural inheritance and is registered as an international cultural inheritance.

(Chongno 3-ga station. subway line no.1 exit 4, line no.3 exit 1, line no.5 exit 1, 5 min on foot). Entrance fee: adult W700, children W300. Opening hours 9:00am - 6:00pm closed every Tuesday).

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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