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Unique Cafes with Great Coffee

t would be nice to choose your favorite cafe as the holiday season begins.

The Cafe Village by the Namhan River at Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi Province, would be a good place to start. Let's take a look at all the cafes lined up along national road 88 across the Yangpyeong Bridge. It would be worthwhile to note some of the cafes, which are on the way to your favorite ski resorts.

Cozy cafe attracts tourists

'Jijunghae (the Mediterranean Sea)' has an aquarium floor where some 500 carp swim. Spectacular views of artificial star light are offered at night. 'Lalia' is another cafe with excellent interiors. The cafe has simple Zen-style interior with large space of 500 meters2. Classical and jazz music are played at the mono-colored cafe. On a rainy or snowy day, 'Pyramid' would be a good place to stop by. The place is surround by glass walls. The view from inside offers closer look at the raining sky. 'Odette' is shaped after a crane.

Some cafes hold special events for visitors. 'Yaemadang' provides ceramic arts lessons for free. Visitors can make their own mug cup. Students only pay W5000 for material. 'MobyDick' exhibits clay dolls for sale. Inscription of names and messages are possible and time capsules are also provided. 'Casa Agio' is gallery-type of cafe which features spaghetti made by a former chef of the Shilla Hotel. Wild berries tea is one of the specialties. 'Monticello' offers ceramic classes and special food such as Japanese Teriyaki, Mongolian Seafood, cheese steak sandwiches, and more.

Buried in the couch

Dark lights, soft sofa, rocking chairs and wine. All these are provided at 'Mulangae' (rain fog). The cafe provides spectacular views over the Yangkeun Bridge. 'C'est Si Bon' has a round bar and 'ondol (hot floor) room.' A barbeque is offered at 20,000 won. 'Comodo' is a small cafe but always filled with lovers looking for a cozy place.

Cafe, you can't miss

'Sealand' is modeled after a ship with a length of 43m and 8m in width. 'Yangpyeong Airport' was recently purchased by Jang Yong, a comedian. The cafe holds quiz contests every weekend and the winner takes a bottle of wine. 'Gulliver' is a train cafe made out of a recycled carriages. The cafe was designed by the artist, Lee Hwan.

'Angels Party on the Dock' is a new cafe. Each table has aquarium with goldfish. Mexican taco pizza and Seafood Ddeokbokki are offered.

Telephone Numbers
Name of the Cafe Tel(031) Main Menu
Gulliver 772-9162 Noodles
MobyDick 771-1063 Mushroom rice
Monticello 774-1332 Teriyaki
Mul-angae 774-1136 Western
C'est Si Bon 771-0253 Barbeque
Sealand 767-8935 Western
Yangpyeong Airport 771-7471 Western
Yaemadang 774-0307 Western
Odette 772-6041 Western
Jijunghae(the Meditterranean) 771-2541 Western
Angel's party on the Dock 577-1282 Fusion
Casa Agio 774-5121 Spaghetti
Comodo 774-5956 Western-Korean
Pyramids 774-3703 Western-Korean

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