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Hamieup Palace,
A Site of Catholic Persecution

n the west coast, between Seosan and Yesan, lies the Gaya mountains (average height 678 m) which stretch from the Sokri mountain's Cheonhwang peak (1,058 m) in the north. The villages around Gaya mountain are on the Naepo plain.

Historically, the area was gifted with wide plains and rich soils which produced abundant crops. For this reason, one scholar in Chosun Dynasty pointed out that many wealthy nobles were from the Naepo area.

Recently, Seohae bridge was completed to give easy access to the area for tourists. The bridge is the longest in Korea and the ninth longest in the world. The Haemieup Wall was built in 1491 (Chosun Dynasty) to protect the Naepo area from Japanese invasion. Toward the end of the Chosun Dynasty, it was turned into a large prison to confine Catholics on the Korean Peninsula. Catholics, from all over the country, were locked in the prison and some 1,000 people were persecuted. The pagoda tree, named Hoya tree, stands tall to deliver the tragic story of the persecuted. All the architectural structures inside the palace were removed in 1973 to build a park.

Other Attractions

There are about 100 buddhist temples near the Gaya mountains. The most famous ones are Gaeshim Temple and Suduk Temple. Gaeshim Temple is known as being one of the greatest wooden structures of our times, Daewoong-chun (National Treasure number 49). On the cliff of Yongchun Valley is a statue of Buddha (National Treasure number 84) from the Baekjae Dynasty. The sculpture is the evidence that the area, which first introduced Buddhism, used to be a trading site for the Baekjae Dynasty and China.


Take the West Coast highway down to the South. When you reach the Seohae Bridge, cross the bridge toward the Asan coast and then take national highway number 32. Pass through Dangjin until you reach the Unsan intersection. Take a left and use local highway 647. Drive about 12 km to find Haemieup Palace.

If you are taking the Kyungbu highway, drive south until you find the Chonan Interchange. Then take national highway 21 to Yesan. Take a right in Yesan and use national highway 45. Drive about 32 km to find Haemiuep Palace.


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Dukhae Hot Spring Motel (041-337-5688)
Baekjae Motel (041-337-1651)
Sooduk Motel (041-337-6022)

(Travel Columnist, Min Byong-jun for the Weekly Chosun)

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