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Namsan Mountain
"Do not talk about Seoul without climbing Namsan Mountain."
Heo Kyeong Min, Namsan Mountain expert.

ow can I introduce Namsan Mountain to more people?"
Heo Kyeong Min's mind is always full with thoughts of Namsan Mountain even when he is eating. Ever since he first got to know about Namsan Mountain in 1996, he has collected information about it for six months and made an English internet homepage (http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Quad/3738). Heo studied the history and spectacular places of Namsan Mountain and recorded them to introduce it to as many people as possible. He receives various questions from many people in different countries including America and Japan. Heo said that he can see and feel everything about Seoul when he is on top of Namsan Mountain. Let's have a trip to Namsan Mountain with Heo as a wonderful guide.

"Why I like Namsan Mountain"

There are many wonderful places to visit in Seoul, but Namsan Mountain is the only place in Seoul where you can get a whole view of the city. You cannot find a place like Namsan Mountain anywhere in the world. This mountain is located in the middle of the capital city which makes it unique and special. Therefore, you can't say you've been to Seoul unless you climb up Namsan Mountain. It does not have only spectacular views, but also some traces of Korean history. These traces simply help you understand Korean history better. The walking path up to Namsan Mountain is nice and clean. It's a good course for jogging and also provides good material for studying nature. The Global World Museum in Seoul Tower makes Namsan Mountain even more interesting and special.

Enjoying Namsan Mountain

There are two ways to climb up the mountain. If you have enough time, get off at Dong-guk University station (subway line number 3) and walk toward the Shilla Hotel along Jangchungdan Park. Gingko trees along the road make the place more beautiful in autumn, and the fresh air is good for your health. There is an arbor called Seokhojeong where you can enjoy archery. It seems to be a symbol of the nation's pride as the best archery nation in the world. The Korean archery team won the bronze, sliver and gold medals in Sydney Olympics.

If you don't have enough time, riding a cable car is recommended. As you walk from Myeong-dong station (subway line # 3) to the Pacific Hotel, the road is divided into two. Take the one on your right, and continue walking for about 5 minutes. You will arrive at a place where you can get a cable car. When you get off from the cable car, a nice walking route of Namsan Mountain will be in front of you. As you walk along the route, you might get a chance to see squirrels welcoming the tourists. On the right side, there is Woryongmyo which is interesting enough to get your attention as there are ten natural mineral water springs where you can quench your thirst.

After you pass Beakbeom square and cross the road toward Sowol-gil, you will find the memorial hall of a patriot, An Jung Geun.

There is also a fire signal tower. It will provide a good memory to go there and talk with someone you love. The fire signal was used as medium of communication in the past. Five pillars of fire could tell five different situations. One pillar of fire meant "peace"; two pillars meant "enemy sighted"; three pillars meant "enemy approaching boundary"; four pillars meant "enemy entering boundary"; and five pillars meant "enemy engaged."

Heo says he will continue his hard work to learn more about Namsan Mountain. His purpose is focused on the study about Namsan Mountain now, but he says that he is welcomes the chance to provide all the information he can get for visitor who want to come to Korea. If you have any questions about Namsan Mountain, sending an E-mail to him will be a good idea. You can get useful information and find a good friend.

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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