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Central City,
a new shopping town in the heart of the city

ore than 50,000 people crowd into this shopping town situated in the heart of the city. It's a large scale shopping complex and cultural center measuring 28 acres underground and 106 acres on the surface. It is a new landmark in the Kangnam region of Seoul. Many of the finest stores, an international hotel chain and Korea's largest book store are located here. One can describe these stores only in terms of "the largest" and "the best."

In the central cultural zone on the first floor is "Central Park" and in the basement is "Young Plaza," where theaters and book stores are situated. This area was designed by RTKL a world authority in computer graphics.

Central 6 Cinema has 6 screening rooms and can sit 1,320. It is equiped with extra-large screens and digital sound facilities and has an automated sales system, allowing people to choose the seat they want.

At the "Youngpoong" book store three 3 acres of space house 200,000 books and library facilities. Next door is "Joy Max," an amusement hall where people can play three dimensional simulation machines or PC games. Also "Sin Na Ra Records" allows people to purchase the latest hits.

In Central City, a waiting room in a bus terminal is no longer the place where one passes time only waiting for a bus. In Central Park, with sunbeams shining through the ceiling, you can see a musical performance or a variety of other events. And if you have time, a look around an art gallery situated on the 9th floor.

International famous stores such as Cartier, Hugo Boss, Iceberg, Missorni etc are to be situated in the speciality "Marquis Plaza" on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. At present, 50% of stores are open.

The Shinsegae chain also has a department store in Central City extending from four underground floors to eight above ground.

Central City also houses an international hotel, a wedding hall, a banquet hall and large scale convention center, the "Millennium Hall" and World Food Court where one can taste the food of various countries of the world. The "Thema Cafe" is a specialized restaurant where people can experience various cultural foods.

Businesses include banks, a hospital, stockbroking companies, short-term financing companies, a post office, a passport department, and various convenience facilities and parking space for 4,000 automobiles.

It's also easy to access Central City as there are subway lines 2 3 and 7 and 60 bus lines. In the terminal there are long distance buses connecting to 70 cities nationwide

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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