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Department Store

ne of the most enjoyable things about traveling is shopping. There is the joy of giving gifts to your relatives and friends, but the best thing is that you can buy goods that can only be bought in Korea for inexpensive prices. Let's see where you can buy elegant goods comfortably. Korean department stores are not only shopping centers, but places where all kinds of facilities are situated and events take place. They are easy to get to as they are connected by Seoul subway stations. You can enjoy just looking or also fill your shopping bag.

Department Store

Galleria Dept. Store is located at the border of Chongdam-dong and Apkujong-dong and boasts a rare objects pavilion and a life style pavilion. The rare objects pavilion is where you can find world famous brands.

The Chanel boutique with a large shop that matches its reputation sells clothes, bags, shoes, watches, and other accessories just like its namesake in Paris. Galleria Dept. Store is the only place in Korea where you can buy Louis Vuitton products. There are much wider varieties but the prices are almost as cheap as that of duty free shops.

You can also find brands such as Guerlain, Hermes, St Dupont, Mont Blanc etc. At the life style pavilion you can buy fashion goods and daily commodities. The life style pavilion and Rodeo Street in Apkujong-dong are famous as Korea's seismic center of fashion as most new brands newly introduced to the Korean market are found there.

Tel : 3449-4114
Opening Hours : 10:30~20:00 (365 days a year)

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