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Ideal food for a cold winter day or when it is chilly outside:

indaeddeok is a pancake made of ground mung beans that is flavored with meat and decorated with vegetable toppings. Koreans eat bindaeddeok in winter when the weather turns cold or on on chilly rainy evenings in late autumn. As a result, on rainy nights the seats of restaurants that serve bindaeddeok are full of customers waiting for their treat which is to be consumed along with Makgeolli, a Korean wine made of rice.

The ingredients for bindaeddeok are: a fern brake, green bean sprouts, squash, onions, slices of kimchi, pork, beef, marine products in pate of mung beans. A rather tough batter of the mixture is cooked on a hot frying pan or the griddle. The pancake is taken with a little bit of soya sauce spiced with vinegar and chilly powder or according to one's own preferences. Some Koreans compare bindaeddeok to pizza because in the old days, Koreans prepared bindaeddeok at wedding banquets in order to offer it to a lot people.

As the various materials get cooked on the griddle, each ingredient's own flavor gets mixed with that of the mung beans; thus contributing to the exquisite taste. This is the characteristic flavor of the bindaeddeok. Incidentally, bindaeddeok is acknowledged as one of the Korean dishes favored by the wives of foreign ambassadors in Korea, it was discovered through a recent survey.

Moreover, the Korean winter snack has made its name now internationally. There is a Korean restaurant specializing in bindaeddeok that has settled down successively in Japan.

The main ingredient of bindaeddeok, mung beans, contains some fat but it is known to be easily digestible. Then since the fat is unsaturated, one need not to worry about geriatric diseases. Furthermore, the enzyme action is excellent as the beams produce a lot of amino acid. In traditional oriental medicine, mung beans are said to be efficient for the treatment of fever, high blood pressure, and lingering intoxication.

   Hot Tips
You can enjoy bindaeddeok at these restaurants

This restaurant grinds fresh mung beans to make bindaeddeok in the original style of Pyong-an and Hamkyong provinces of North Korea. This involves using natural pork oil, in place of ordinary cooking oil, in an effort to preserve the original taste of bindaeddeok. Price of one pancake: W7000 (about. US$6.40).
How to get there: Gwanghwamun station of subway line number 5, exit number 3. Turn left at the corner next to Burger King, behind the Kyobo Building. Tel: 734-2849 Opening Hours: 10:00∼23:00 (Closed on national holidays)

Song Ajeossine
Literally meaning "Uncle Song's," the restaurant offers many variations of bindaeddeok for each season. From May to September, gamjajeon (potato pancake) and memiljeon(buckwheat pancake) are the delicacy, while from mid October to March, oyster bindaeddeok is the house's specialty. Price: ranges from W9,000 and W10,000 (US$8.10 to US$9.10).
How to get there: Sinchon station of subway line number 2, exit no. 1. From Hyundai Department Store, walk 150 meters towards Donggyo-dong, until you reach a Seven Eleven convenient store. Turn right at that corner. Tel: 338-4919 Opening Hours: 15:00∼01:00

(Sourced from WHAT'S ON SEOUL)

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