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The Korean people's food,
- Craving for that hearty chicken noodle soup that your mama used to make? Then treat yourself with a bowl of Sujebi, clear soup with wheat flakes (imagine Wanton soup), it will fill you right up.


ow and when Sujebi was invented is not very clear. It is merely known that Sujebi stems from Kalguksu, Korean traditional noodle soup. It was during the Koryeo dynasty period (935~1392) that Koreans started to eat noodle. Making Sujebi is identical to that of Kalguksu except that Sujebi is made with flakes instead of noodle. Depending on what is mixed in to the dough, Sujebi can be categorized as wheat, buckwheat, sticky rice, potato, acorn, or barley Sujebi.

You could also name sujebi according to the ingredients of soup stock as seaweed and anchovy. It tastes the best when eaten hot and is famous for making people sweat. Suitable side dishes include young radish kimchi as well as regular Kimchi. Hot pepper dipped in soybean paste also goes very well with Sujebi.

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Samcheong-dong Sujebi-jip
Their Sujebi is made of homemade flakes and clam and shrimp soup stock. With 19 years of history, they are famous for clean taste. Sujebi is served in a small traditional pot for 2 people. Wheat Sujebi is 4000 Won and sticky rice Sujebi is 6000 Won. Location: Get off at the Kyongbok-gung subway station line no.3. Walk in the direction of Samchong tunnel near the national museum for about 10 min.Opening hours: 12:00~21:00 Tel: 735-2965

Insa-dong Hang-ari Sujebi-jip
Their specialty is the thick and kind of sweet tasting soup stock made of Chinese radish, kelp, leek, and garlic. The flakes are thinly cut by machine. 3,500 Won per bowl. Location: exit no.6 of Anguk station Line no.3. It is located in the middle of Insa-dong? art gallery street.Tel: 732-0525 p25 Map1-1 A2

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