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Holidays in Hotels

ajor hotels in Korea are providing winter holiday programs at affordable rates. Room rates are lowered to W110,000 - W260,000 from W250,000 - W400,000 and the service includes the use of fitness clubs and swimming pool. The price does not include service fees and tax.

Grand Hyatt Seoul

Three programs are offered at prices ranging from W195,000 to W265,000. The "White" program includes one day in a deluxe room with free use of the swimming pool, fitness club and ice rink. A 50% discount coupon for the Sauna is also offered. The "Dream" program includes all the services in "White" as well as breakfast at the Terrace. "Fantasia" provides a two day pass in the ice rink along with all the services in "Dream". Special packages are available from December 31 to January 1 which feature dinner and ice skating. (Tel:(02)799-8112)

Radisson Seoul Plaza Hotel

Room rates have been dropped to W110,000 to W160,000 and include a free extra bed, indoor golf (30 minutes) and body fat measurement. (Tel: (02) 310-7730)

Hotel Lotte

Room rates will be W135,000 to W165,000 and complimentary drinks are offered with free use of the swimming pool and sauna. A 50% discount coupon for golf and a 20% discount coupon for Lotte World are also supplied. (Tel: (02) 759-7311)

COEX Inter-Continental Seoul

Room rates are W159,000 to W189,000, with complimentary drinks and fruit basket, two tickets to the Megabox movie theater and a 30% discount coupon to the KOEX Aquarium. (Tel: (02) 559-7777)

Ritz-Carlton Seoul

Room rates are W175,000 to W295,000 with a 30 % discount for ski rental at Yangji Pine Resort and a 50% discount for the sauna. (Tel: (02) 3451-8235)

JW Marriott

Room rates are W189,000 to W254,000 with a 30% discount for massage and a 10% discount coupon at Shinsegae Department Store. (Tel: (02) 6282-6262)

Seoul Hilton Hotel

Room rates are W165,000 to W350,000 with free use of the swimming pool and fitness club, and a 50% discount at the sauna. Also 1 box at the golf practice center is free. (Tel: (02) 317-3000)

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