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The Chosun Ilbo Rates Number One in Quality and Influence

The Chosun Ilbo was placed number one in all assessments with regard to quality in a survey by TN Sofres, being unchallenged also in its perceived influence. With regard to the latter, which has seen the Chosun Ilbo placed number one for years, a 2001 survey showed 29.8% of respondents felt this was the case, trailed by "B" with 14% and "A," 7.1%.

Furthermore, the younger generation in their 20s and 30s gave the Chosun Ilbo higher marks in this regard, accounting for an increase from the 22.3% in a January 2000 poll.

*The Most Influential Newspaper (TN Sofres)

*The Most Influential Newspaper According to Age Group (TN Sofres)

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