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The Most Favored Newspaper

The People's Favorite Newspaper for Editorial Policy and Commentary

In a TN Sofres survey almost one in five respondents at 19.2% rated the Chosun Ilbo as their favorite newspaper, followed by "A" with 16.9% and "B," 15%. Only 11.5% of those questioned indicated they had no favorite newspaper. The poll can be compared to an AC Nielsen Korea survey of January 2000, which showed that 19% of respondents favored the Chosun Ilbo, showing that its readership has remained loyal and has in fact increased slightly.

The Chosun Ilbo's editorials and columns were praised by 17.3% of respondents, followed by "A" with 11.1% and "B," 10.1%.

*People's Favorite Newspaper (TN Sofres)

*Best Editorials and Columns (TN Sofres)

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