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The Number One in Fairness and Accuracy
The Most Accurate Newspaper, True to its Original Mission

The Chosun Ilbo is ranked number one by its readers with regard to fairness and accuracy, the original mission of a newspaper. According to a TN Sofres survey on newspapers' image, 13.5% of respondents picked the Chosun Ilbo as "the most fair newspaper in reporting," followed by "B" with 8.5% and "A," 7.9%. No other newspaper scored over 10% in this regard.

To questions on accuracy, 19% thought the Chosun Ilbo was the number one, followed by "B" with 13.2% and "A," 11.7%.

*The Most Fair Newspaper in Reporting (TN Sofres)

*The Most Accurate Newspaper (TN Sofres)

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