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Chosun Ilbo Subscription Rate Increases Above Rivals, Especially in the Metropolitan Area

The Chosun Ilbo's household subscription rate reached 16.5% according to Korea Gallup, followed by daily "A" with 13.5% and "B" with 12.9%. The gap between the Chosun Ilbo and "A" increased from 2.6% on June 15, which was immediately before the National Tax Service announced the results of its tax investigation into the media, to 3% in October.

According to an AC Nielsen Korea telephone survey, household subscription to the Chosun Ilbo was 13.4%, ranking it number one above "A" with 12.1% and "B" with 10.9%. By region, the rate was 20.2% in Seoul and 16.4% in the Gyeonggi Province and Incheon areas, considerably higher than the national average. In these regions, the gaps between the Chosun Ilbo and the number two daily were 5.8% points and 1.6% points, respectively, both higher than the nationwide difference.

A TN Sofres survey showed a 17% subscription rate to the Chosun Ilbo, higher than both "A" (16%) and "B" (12.8%).

*Household Subscription Rate Surveys by Three Major Polling Agencies

*Household Subscription Rate (AC Nielsen Korea)

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