2001 Media Research
Readers of the Chosun Ilbo are in the High Income, High Education Bracket
By Hong Young-lim, ylhong@chosun.com
The subscription rate to the Chosun Ilbo continued to increase in 2001 with most of the newspaper's readers being concentrated in the metropolitan area. According to a Korea Audit Bureau of Circulation report on newspaper circulation from April to June 2001, released on October 31, the Chosun Ilbo published an average 2,499,963 copies a day. This shows an increase of 66,310 when compared with the same period in 2000 when 2,433,653 copies were printed daily.

By region, the circulation in Seoul was 808,685, or 32.8% of the total, followed by Gyeonggi Province with 581,798 and Incheon at 155,940, meaning the metropolitan area has 62.6% of all Chosun Ilbo readers. The circulation in this area increased from 1,525,723 to 1,546,426 over one year, demonstrating the newspapers strong readership in the most influential economic, social and cultural center of the country.

The Chosun Ilbo is not only far ahead of its rivals in circulation as the number one newspaper in Korea, but it has a long history of excelling in its influence, advertising effects and image brand overseas. In the latter half of 2001, the Chosun Ilbo kept its unchallenged number one spot domestically in subscriptions, readership and image in surveys conducted by AC Nielsen Korea, Korea Gallup and TN Sofres.

According to the results of these surveys, the mainstream of the Chosun Ilbo readership are social leaders with a higher education and income, and professionals. As a result it was acknowledged that the Chosun Ilbo is the newspaper with the highest advertising effect.

Due to the Chosun Ilbo's social authority and influence, as a result of these, it inspires trust and confidence in advertisements carried by the newspaper. The Chosun Ilbo was the first newspaper in Korea to carry the ABC authorization mark on its front page, after it submitted circulation material in September 1993. The ABC surveyed the paper and testified to the accuracy of the circulation. Out of the 31 domestic dailies, which have joined the ABC, to date only the Chosun Ilbo receives its certification as it submits to all the organization's surveys.

Circulation by Region: April - June 2001

Korea ABC Newspaper circulation report, 31 October, 2001. Units = 1,000

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