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General Introduction

    DIZZO is one of the most frequently visited web site in Korea, having a wide variety of superb contents that includes news, entertainment, sports, leisure, culture, life styles and people.
    As the Internet gains more and more influence on our lives, on-line business increases rapidly day by day.
    In this regard, the importance of advertising on the Internet is becoming more pre-eminent than ever before in the e-business community.

Characteristics of the Internet Chosun Ilbo
    - The first service launched with the number one market share, and reputation as the most famous online paper in Korea
    - Quick real time service with a 24 hour up-date system
    - The best service provided by easy interfaces, excellent design and abundant data
    - The largest subscription rate (approximately 1 Million) among all newspaper sites in Korea
    - 38 Million pages viewed per month including the DIZZO portal site (April, 2000)

Readers Introduction to the Chosun Ilbo Internet Site

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Residence

  • Vocation

  • Education

  • Income(1 Mil won/Month)

  • The Merits of Internet Advertising With the Internet Chosun Ilbo
      - Advertisers receive feedback directly, thanks to interactive communications between consumers and sponsors.
      - Sponsors get high advertising effectiveness thanks to the domestic fame of the Digital Chosun Ilbo, the most famous news
         portal site in Korea.
      - Major readers are mainly young and educated people from 20 to 30 who lead public opinion and possess the most
         purchasing power.
      - Advertising techniques vary using multimedia technologies such as animation, sound and graphics.
      - Advertising effectiveness is continuous due to repeated banner rotation, while costs are reasonable in terms of maintenance
         and revision.

    Advertisement Information

    Location Type Size(Pixel) Status Rate Max Volume
    Chosun Ilbo
    Front Page

    A Above Full Banner 468 * 60 Rotation ₩20/impression 12KB
    B-1, B-2 Small Banner 190 * 40 Rotation ₩5/impression 10KB
    C Logo Button 112 * 60 Fixed ₩13Mil/week 10KB
    D-1, D-2 Button 100 * 80 Fixed ₩7Mil/week 10KB
    E Middle Full Banner 468 * 60 Rotation ₩10/impression 12KB
    Chosun Ilbo
    Contents Page

    F Above Full Banner 468 * 60 Rotation ₩20/impression 12KB
    CF Logo Button 112 * 60 Fixed ₩8Mil/week 10KB
    G-1, G-2 Button 100 * 80 Fixed ₩5Mil/week 10KB
    Chosun Ilbo
    News Page
    H Above Full Banner 468 * 60 Rotation ₩20/impression 12KB
    CH Logo Button 112 * 60 Fixed ₩12Mil/week 10KB
    I-1, I-2 Button 100 * 80 Fixed ₩7Mil/week 10KB
    Sports Chosun
    Front Page
    A Box 75 * 95 Fixed ₩8Mil/month 10KB
    B Banner 200 * 40 Fixed ₩7Mil/week 10KB
    Sports Chosun
    News Page
    C Top Banner 200 * 40 Fixed ₩8Mil/month 10KB
    D Box 85 * 70 Fixed ₩7Mil/month 10KB
    DIZZO Portal A Above Full Banner 468 * 60 Fixed ₩5Mil/month 10KB

      - Creative work (Advertisement banners) should be submitted as raw data, in GIF or JPG format according to the sizes
         described above, to a maximum file volume of under 10KB or 12 KB respectively.

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