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 (1) Placing an Advertisement
You can place an advertisement in the Chosun Ilbo using one of the following contact methods.

You may place your ad, make corrections or cancellations by calling Mr. Park Nam-kyu or Mr. Kim Seung-kyun.
From outside Korea, dial 82-2-724-5840~1.

ĒšFax - 82-2-724-5809

61, Taepyeongno 1 ga, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea, 100-756

ĒšVisit in Person
Come to the lobby of the Chosun Ilbo building at the above address during office hours. (09:00~19:00 Korean Local Time)

 (2) Reservation Deadlines
 5 days before the insertion order.

 (3) Rate Card
      The Chosun Ilbo Advertising Rates for 2001
General Information
Ēš Advertising rates vary depending on type and size of ad, position, and color.

Ēš There is no discount for frequency or quantity.

Ēš Ads are inserted in the order in which space is reserved.

In the case of ads for which page-specific rates do not apply, we will determine the position.

Ēš If an insertion order is not received by the designated deadline, the ad reservation will automatically be cancelled.

ĒšThe Chosun Ilbo accepts advertisement only for the nation-wide edition.

Ēš Submitted copy and artwork materials cannot be returned.


Ēš Founded on March 5,1920, the Chosun Ilbo boasts the longest history of any Korean newspaper.

Ēš The Chosun Ilbo has the largest circulation among Korean newspaper.
As of December 1. 1997, the circulation is 2,668,700 (Current submitted to Korea Audit Bureau of Circulation)

Ēš Studies done by such organization as Korea Gallup Polls and the Korea Advertisers Association have found the Chosun Ilbo to be the most effective advertising medium among Korean newspapers.

 Advertising Rates

  Rate according to insertion page and ad size
  (Width-Height, FW = full width, millimeter)

Page No. of Columns Black & White Full Color
1cm column rate size 1cm-column rate size
Front Page FW-5 US$267 US$49,395 375x175 US$294 US$54,390 370x170
2 FW-5 US$160 US$29,600 375x175         
3 FW-5 US$160 US$29,600 375x175 US$178 US$32,930 370x170
Social FW-5 US$160 US$29,600 375x175         
Page 1 National FW-8 US$160 US$47,360 375x282 US$178 US$52,688 370x272
Page2 Back Page FW-15 US$160 US$88,800 375x533 US$170 US$94,350 370x512
Run-of-Paper See below

 Rates for Run-of-Paper

Regular Ad per centimeter-column US$ 95.00
Recruitment & Public Notice per centimeter-column US$ 130.00
Size Rate Amount
8cms W x 2cols H US$2,080.00
10cms W x 3cols H US$3,900.00
12cms W x 5cols H US$7,800.00
Color Ad per centimeter-column US$ 160.00
Size millimeter Rate Amount
FW-15 370 x 512 US$88,800.00
FW-15 370 x 340 US$59,200.00
FW-8 370 x 272 US$47,360.00
FW-5 370 x 170 US$32,930 00

 Rates for Island

Page Size Color Rate Amount
Front Page 60 x 68 Full Color US$8,928.00
60 x 68 Black & White US$8,035.00
120 x 68 Full Color US$17,856.00
Social Page 60 x 68 Black & White US$4,464.00
Run-of-paper 60 x 68 Black & White US$3,125.00



 :Payment must be received 7 days before the date of publication.

 :Fund transfer into our bank account or by sending check or bank draft. We do not accept credit cards.

Our bank account information: Cho-Hung Bank (CHB)

Account Number: 304-71-001408

Account Holder's Name: The Chosun Ilbo

Bank Address: Gwanghwamun branch 62-12,Taepyong-ro 1-ga,Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Advertising Division

Ēš Executive Director: Kim Moon-soon

ĒšAdvertising Sales Chief: Choi Byong-jin

ĒšInternational Marketing & Advertising Team
  Head Manager: Park Nam-kyu Tel. 82-2-724-5840
  Manager: Kim Seung-kyun. Tel. 82-2-724-5841

ĒšHours of telephone operation (Korea Standard Time)
  Monday to Friday: 09:30 ~ 19:30
  Saturday: 09:30 ~ 15:00

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